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Personalized Travel Sessions

Planning a trip has never been easier. Getting somewhere is no longer the issue, but rather knowing what to do when you get there. Books and blogs quickly drag you down the rabbit hole of ’10 best’ everything. The challenge is translating that into an actual travel plan when you have never set foot inside the country.

Crash Course Travel connects you with adventurers with expert knowledge of the exact places you want to visit. We help you break down the overwhelming information that is available into an actual plan for your trip with one 50 minute online video call

 Crash Course Travel Sessions 

Every traveler has a different list of points they hope to refine about their trip. Crash Course Travel gives travelers a place to bring concerns as well as excitements about their travel destination. Our experts, who know the country in and out, help answer with the knowledge that only a person living in the country can provide.

I’ve heard that …. is that true?

I’m thinking of bringing …. but I don’t know if I really need it?

I really want to see … but I don’t know if it is worth it or not?

I want to start studying … but I don’t know where to start!

If these are questions you have ever had before heading out on a trip, then Crash Course Travel is for you!


A Crash Course traveler first chooses which country they are interested in visiting and signs up for a time that works for them. Once signed up for a class, we’ll send a short survey to know better how to personalize our session together.

Our video sessions would take place via Zoom and last 50 minutes.  

Built for all adventures

Travelers Pre-Trip

Students considering doing a study abroad and wanting to know what to expect and what to bring (parents feel free to join the call as well! )

Travelers that have already planned a basic route will love getting feedback to know if what they are planning is too tightly scheduled or if what their travel goals do not match what their actual plans have become.

Travelers Already in Country

Travelers already in-country but struggling with communication will love getting basic language skills to connect with locals and local culture..

Study Abroad Participants

Students considering doing a study abroad and wanting to know what to expect and what to bring will feel at ease asking someone who is living and thriving in the country their concerns. Parents feel free to join the call as well!

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