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Connecting knowledge

Crash Course Travel cames from a desire to share the joy of travel with as many people as possible. Planning to travel without having ever stepped foot in a country is hard work. It takes a lot of effort and frustration to sift through the mountains of information that exist nowadays and not everyone has the time to do it. Even if you do, it’s hard to know what is accurate. What was accurate 10 years ago might be out of date by today. Our travel sessions connect travelers to information that’s relevant, accurate and timely.

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Empowering Travelers

Crash Course teachers are first and foremost adventures and teachers. Our goal is to empower, teach and help you grow more confident in your adventure. Travel, done thoughtfully, can be a life-changing experience. Small bits of a local language and having a well thought out plan can make all the difference to feel empowered arriving at your destination.

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Meet our Teachers

All of our team are experts in the locations they live in. Feel free to click on each out of teachers’ profiles to learn more about us and our journey. We can’t wait to meet you!


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Teacher Lucas