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Japan’s an incredible country. It seems to have it all; a fascinating culture, living history, and breathtaking views. It is generally safe, people are extremely gentle and the food is great. Japan’s culture though has been sculpted over centuries and can be quite difficult to navigate. Throw on top of that a language that is based on three writing systems and it can be overwhelming to find our way around and find those hidden gems that everyone should experience in Japan. Our chats about Japan will cover basic language as knowing a bit of Japanese can make a great first impression and lower people’s guards. Japan can also be quite challenging if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions and we can help navigate how to communicate those.

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Originally from the beautiful state of Wisconsin in the United States, I've spent the last decade of my life to exploring planet earth. I've farmed in South America, I've milked goats in France and most recently read more


Japan has become a second home for me, as I’ve been living here since July of 2013. I first lived in the countryside of Japan in a Kiryu, Gunma (city, prefecture) where I fell in love with the beautiful nature read more


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