USA ~ Japan

Originally from the beautiful state of Wisconsin in the United States, I’ve spent the last decade of my life exploring planet earth. I’ve farmed in South America, I’ve milked goats in France and most recently put down some roots here in Japan where I currently live. My favorite parts of traveling are language learning and cuisine. Along the road so far I’ve picked up Spanish, French and Japanese to varying degrees and love the culture and communities that accompany them. My favorite travel activity is to use these bits of language and immediately test them out in real conversation.

man gardening
Farm friends in here in Japan

I also love unconventional travel. During this decade on the road, I’ve deliberately taken travel at a very slow pace and tried to form bonds wherever I go. I’ve found that volunteer programs are normally a great way to connect to new places and immerse yourself in a community. My favorite volunteer experiences have been centered around food. In France I was able to live on a goat farm and spend my days making goat cheese and baking bread for selling at market. In New Zealand, I spent my days learning under a vegan chef. I love food-centered travel because it immediately gives people a great place to center conversation and food knowledge is something weightless and fits great in a backpack.

James in estonia
Backpack, Computer, New Country, Ready for anything!

As luck would have it, I had the amazing opportunity to teach English in Japan and fell in love with the country. After meeting my future wife and settling into our life here I began to teach myself programming and currently work in the technology sphere here in Japan. This type of work allows me to keep on traveling and exploring while at the same time supporting my family. I founded Crash Course Travel as a way to connect travelers and share skills that I have learned on the road with people that are just starting their journey. I have met so many great mentors all over the world and I would love to make it easier for others to explore and connect with the world as well.