Teacher Lucas

USA ~ Japan

Japan has become a second home for me, as I’ve been living here since July of 2013. I first lived in the countryside of Japan in a Kiryu, Gunma (city, prefecture) where I fell in love with the beautiful nature–from the magnificent mountains to the boiling hot springs. Not only nature, but I came to cherish Japanese festivals, one specifically in Kiryu called the Yagibushi Festival, where traditional lively music is played while those around the musicians dance all night and sing along. This festival is what led me to join a yosakoi dance team, competing at said festival every year. They have remained one of the most meaningful communities to me. Getting to know the local community and establishing close bonds is something dear to my heart, and truly believe is paramount in living or traveling. 

teacher lucas
Making mochi.

I currently reside in Chiba, Chiba (city, prefecture). There is one very special connection that ties to me Chiba, and that is, Chiba is the sister state to my true home, Wisconsin. I have been very fortunate that long ago, Wisconsin and Chiba became bound together, which has given rise to the Chiba-Wisconsin Association and a teaching program. I have been teaching English through that program for many years and have thoroughly enjoyed becoming close with communities here, in addition to more nature and festivals. 

teacher lucas
Festival fun!

Money has always been an issue for me, so I completely understand the traveler’s budget. Anytime that I have traveled, I always found a way to do with what little I had. I’ve had to carefully consider how I spent my time with the amount of money I had–from haggling and relying on street food in Mexico, to haggling hotels in Taiwan for the best accommodation, to finding the best deals in hostels and food shops in Korea. That being said, spending a little extra on something you absolutely want to do to get the most of your trip shouldn’t be ruled out. If you’re worried about budget like I was, I got you